What we ate in Malta

We went on holiday in Malta and we stayed at an all inclusive resort – obviously, food was our last worry!

In the following articles you will find out what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner at D+B, Sea Bank resort in Malta. Note that we did not take any photos of the food, we completely enjoyed it fully and left photography behind.

The resort we stayed at was amazing, link above, they had a separate pool for families with kids and a separate one for adults who wanted a bit more piece and quiet.

db malta resort brunch media

db seabank amlta resort brunch media

What’s the deal with all inclusive

Of course there are pros and cons for all inclusive resorts. If you go to all inclusive, you do not need to spend money on other restaurants to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner but at the same time you might want to try some local restaurants but you’re thinking about it twice if you want to or not because you already spent tons on the all inclusive deal.

The quality at all inclusive is not that high as the one you get when eating at a restaurant, which is most of the times (if not always) à la carte. At the restaurant you can ask for the dish to be adjusted on your pallet, diet or food allergies, at the all inclusive resort you just eat what you see in the buffet, everything has already been cooked, you cannot ask the salad not to have cheese or nuts.

On the finance side, I think it’s exactly the same to be honest, with our all inclusive we paid a bit over £1,500 for 2 people, for everything: flights, 7 nights accommodation at 4 star resort, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), pool access, sun beds etc.

With the non inclusive, you pay say between £300 – £500 on flights for 2 people (assuming it’s Europe), between £500 – £700 for accommodation (assuming £100/night is max), then between £30 – £50 for a lunch and/or dinner (that would be between £300 – £700), so total comes out between £1,100 and £1,900 (if you go very expensive).


Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

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Photo: Tripadvisor

For breakfast there was a selection of deli meats, cheeses, eggs cooked 4 ways (omelette, scrambled, sunny side up and boiled). A lot of tomatoes, sliced olives, cucumbers of course, fruit yoghourt or plain yoghourt.

They also served beans, sausages which makes sense as there were a lot of British mates there so they had the option to enjoy a full English breakfast if they wanted. They also had musli, granola to go with milk or yoghourt  which was perfect for the German customers who are used to having that for breakfast. They had a healthy corner as well. That was my corner.

The healthy corned had tomatoes, cucumbers, unsliced olives, tuna, smoked salmon, light salty feta cheese, multi-grain whole meal bread.

My daily breakfast plate most of the times consisted in: light salty feta with 2-3 slices of multi-grain whole meal bread, one boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and sometimes if I was still hungry I would also get a bowl of plain yoghourt with musli. Healthy way to start the day, right?


Photo: Tripadvisor

Photo: Tripadvisor

Photo: tripadvisor

Photo: tripadvisor

Lunch was the same as breakfast — buffet style. You chose what you wanted and put it on your plate.

For lunch there was a large selection of stuff and healthy options too which I was excited about. They had different proteins every day, but always a fish option and meat option.

They offered cold dishes and also hot ones. For example: you could get a greek salad with maybe some tuna as a cold starter and then go to the hot counter and get a steak with fries or grilled vegetables.

There was great variety so you don’t have to eat the same dish every day.

From basic stuff like: sliced tomatoes and cucumbers to more advanced but still healthy: beans salads, mussels salads, aubergine tarts, chicken salad, peas and almonds, smoked salmon. All these were on the cold counter. Then on the hot side you definitely had steak or chicken to choose from (either grilled or fried) and then a fish alternative like Mali Mali or seabass or salmon. There were also hot garnish options such as fries, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, roasted potatoes or grilled aubergine and courgette.

If you liked Italian cuisine there was an Italian hot counter daily where you could choose from pizza (usually 3 options) and pasta (usually 3 options).

My daily lunch consisted in a meat protein (mainly chicken) or fish protein and a lot of healthy garnish like some roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, beans, peas. I would really put all I could onto my plate, one dish on top of the other until I was convinced that’s all I need.


Photo: fischer

Photo: fischer

Photo: dealtoday

Photo: dealtoday

Dinner – same as breakfast and lunch, buffet style. There was only one restaurant which made a là carte. As mentioned above, we had to book in advance if we wanted to eat dinner at a different restaurant than the main one.

First night we ate that the main restaurant.

Second night

We booked dinner at their pool restaurant, Laguna, same that offered snacks from 3pm-6pm. Dinner there was grilled and the taste was really different, you could easily identify the grill cook on the meat and the veggies.

The options were: chicken skewers, grilled beef, tomato coconut vegetables, grilled corn, stir fried clams, steamed rice and you had the option to also go for some fresh salads.

My choice was chicken skewers with coconut vegetables. It was Ok. Not well seasoned but well cooked. And the veggies had too much tomato coconut sauce.

Third night

We booked at their American restaurant – Jungle. Not sure why it was called Jungle, if you have any idea, please do let me know.

I did not have high hopes – I was expecting burgers, beagles and apple pie only. But I was pleasantly surprised to find other meals too such as: grilled salmon, pan fried chicken, veggie stew, shrimp salad, feta salad.

My choice here was the grilled salmon with veggie stew and some feta. The salmon I really liked and was well cooked, the veggies not so much while the feta cheese wasn’t really feta.

Fourth night 

We ate at their Italian restaurant — cannot remember the name. It was so good. You had the obvious choices: pizza, pasta, cheeses. But also healthier options which is what I am always after. I went for the grilled octopus salad with some grilled aubergine, courgettes and red peppers. It was the best octopus I’ve eaten.

Fifth night 

We ate at the main restaurant again. And I remember that on that night there were so many veggie options that I ended up eating no meat at all and only had vegetables, some packed with protein like peas, beans salad, grilled courgette, grilled broccoli. It was really good and I felt full.

Sixth night

We managed to book at their Asian restaurant where my mind was blown. I chose a Thai chicken salad with some edamame peas, green peas and aubergine salad. Then as I was walking around to see what other options they had, I saw red coloured chicken, it was sweet and sour chicken of course, Asian specialty. I said I have to try this. So I added a couple of pieces and I was ready to go.

The sweet and sour chicken was so good. I now know what it tastes like and I will definitely try it again. The rest of the meal I had on my plate was also delicious. I have to say I preferred the Asian restaurant over the Italian one. Can’t get my husband to agree though. He says nothing has any advance over Italian pizza — he has a point there tho.

Seventh night we ate à la carte.

We went to another restaurant which belonged to the same resort and each of us ordered a starter and a main, all included in the trip’s price so no extra money to be spent.

I ordered a greek salad (was craving some feta) and a grilled salmon medallion with capers sauce and grilled vegetables. The taste was amazing and the portion was quite big for both dishes! You could tell that the fish was cooked fresh, the tomatoes in the greek salad were fresh and everything tasted so good, was very well seasoned.

Eating out

We ate out only once, the day we went to Valletta and we had lunch at an Italian restaurant called Da Pablo Trattoria di Mare located near the city centre square, on the narrow cosy streets of the capital.

I had some gnocchi with clams and portobello mushrooms, delicious, gnocchi cooked very well and dipped into the mushroom sauce was heaven. The clams were also really well seasoned. Overall, a complete dish – ate it all!

My husband had an octopus salad that was very fresh, really good cook on the octopus and the seasoning too.


The food at the resort, for breakfast and lunch was ok, you could find anything however not the highest quality you could get in Malta. The weather was hot and nice, their facilities are perfect (water sports, gym, kids court etc), it was a great experience overall and I came back more relaxed than from any other holiday so far!