We ate at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill in London!

How come?

We recently got married and so my amazing colleagues at Ogilvy HealthWorld UK gave us the best present: a gift voucher for a dinner for two at one of our restaurants of choice. And we chose Savoy Grill, one of the best and most popular Gordon Ramsay restaurants.

We went and had starters, mains and desserts. And a delicious rose wine. It wasn’t just dinner, it was an experience.

But let me tell more about this!

The location

Located inside the Savoy Hotel, on 1 Savoy Ct, London WC2R 0EU.

The Savoy Street is the only street in London where drivers need to drive on the opposite side – meaning on the left hand side instead of the right.

The Savoy Grill

If you google search after “savoy grill London” you get the wikipedia result in your search saying: “Gordon Ramsay’s classic British and French menu with wine pairings in the luxury Savoy Hotel restaurant.” And you immediately know what to expect.

Inside the restaurant you can notice the elegant style, worthy of a 5 star hotel. Each table is the same, big and round, I loved that they have allowed enough space in between the tables so you can easily get out and back in. Many restaurants have the tables so close to each other that you need to ask the other guests to move around so you can pass and go to toilet.

Photo: The Savoy Grill

Photo: The Savoy Grill

The menu

Diverse and sounded so tasty when you read it through. Let me show you some snippets.

The Savoy Grill menu cooktosmile

You have everything you wanted, from healthy fish to tasty and juicy beef wellington.

They also have other separate menus: Gluten-free menu, Vegan menu and Vegetarian menu. Didn’t expect that, to be honest. I always thought that 5 start hotel restaurants, especially Gordon Ramsay’s don’t bother making separate non-meat or healthy menus but great to see they do have those for everyone’s taste and diet preference!

The order

Oh, yes. We ordered quite interesting dishes, which we hadn’t eaten before. While we were looking at the menu the waiter brought us some bread and butter to enjoy with the rose wine we had in our glasses.

bread and butter with rose wine gordon ramsay savoy grill cook to smile

Her order

For starter some snails. Awesome cooked in a butter-red wine sauce. So tasty that you couldn’t even tell if you were having snails, chicken or mushrooms. This dish was far from being boring. Besides 100 gr of snails have 20 grams of protein and up to 5 grams of fat (good fat). Yeah, I know, amazing!

snails the savoy grill cook to smile


snails dish the savoy grill cook to smile

For the main dish something vegan and carb-heavy: pea, baby potatoes, lemon fricassee en papillote. Sounds fancy, right? And I loved the way I was served. The waiter brought a dough (like a carbonara pizza) full of those vegetables, he cut the dough (en papillote) using kitchen scissors, all in front of us, at the table. All the flavours were coming out of that dough and were dropped onto my plate in a matter of seconds so I enjoyed a freshly baked plate of veggies. Don’t judge me for not getting any meat as main, I simply did not want any more protein, but carbs and fiber.

peas and baby potato with kale

His order

For starter some eggs. He ordered a fish stuffed omelette with truffle. I would say it was too fancy for an eggs dish but he assured me it was worth it. And I have to agree, I tasted it and was so good.

omelette with fish and truffle the savoy grill

For the main dish he ordered lobster of course. Grilled native lobster thermidor. And he got a big, fat lobster. The meat was so tender and soft, melting in your mouth.

grilled lobster with salad the savoy grill

The lobster came with a dressing of basil and olive oil, it was the perfect companion for the lobster dish.

lobster dressing the savoy grill cook to smile

The dessert

We both ordered an apple tart tartar with ice cream and nuts and also some gluten-free-vegan ice cream. Just to satisfy our cravings (mine at least). The apple tart was amazing. The apples were perfectly cooked, not too sweet at all. And the tart was crunchy and not too sweet either as it was topped with honey instead of sugary stuff.

apple tart tartar with ice bream and nuts

The experience

We chose The Savoy Grill for the experience. And it was unique. You could notice how the waiters were paying attention to every details (i.e once you finished your glass of water they came and poured more water in your glass, same with the wine and so on), every dish was brought from the stove, oven, grill in front of you and finished with you watching it, arriving on your plate immediately after it was done!

The wine

We ordered the rose by glass. 2 glasses each, almost. It was a “San Marzano Tramary Selento”, Italian. Perfect balance of sweet and strongness. Went well with the snails, I tell you!


I bet you want to know the score. Our total order for all the above was £220. I know, quite a lot but, hey, you only go to The Savoy Grill once in your life (if you’re an average person like I am). And we had the gift voucher from my colleagues (:D).

So lucky we are to have experienced this! Thanks again to my colleagues!