Two quick Seafood Starters to try

It’s true that simple is, most times, better. And it’s also true that most times you do not have hours or days to prep a sophisticated menu or dish for your party. But you still want it to be elegent, nice, easy to eat and most important, easy to cook.
And therefore, I’m presenting you a couple of simple and fast ideas which can turn into tasty and elegant starters for Holidays or a Special Event.

Idea number one

For instance, take the salty crackers. What can you do with these? Turn them into a tasty, healty starter. Brilliant!

You need:
– some salty crackers (i bought these from LIDL):
– solmon file (i bought this from LIDL) – raw or smokey, depends how you like it.
– wasaby or dijon mustard sauce or soy sauce
– a plate

Two steps: easy peasy

Step 1: Take a salty cracker:

Step 2: Take a salmon file and gently and carefully place on top of the cracker and drop some dijon mustard or soy sauce or wasaby on top (whichever you prefer):
If you don’t like the salmon raw, feel free to drop some olive oil it into the pan and leave it cook for few minutes until it gets a nice colour on top. You would have to season it though for the taste to be amplified. And you can drop some soy sauce  into the pan too, if you’d like.

Isn’t this an elegant and appetizing starter?

Idea number two

This second option it’ more of a fresh salad starter.

You need:
– crayfish tail (somewhere between 100-150 gr)
– cauliflower (200-250 gr)
– cherry tomatoes
– avocado (half piece)
– salt, pepper, soy sauce, lime
– wok or pan
– grill

Steps: keep it simple

Step 1: Cook the crayfish tail in the oven or pan with olive oil and soy sauce. Add some pepper. Cook it until it gets a pink-redish colour. No need to add (too much) salt when cooking the crayfish as it’s meat is already salty enough. You can add some salt on the salad overall towards the end.
You can find crayfish cooked already at LIDL.

Now, chop the fresh cauliflower into proper slices (like you do with the meat) and put the cauliflower on the grill. Oven grill would also work.

10-15 minutes later, it should look like this – smokey colour – or, that is how i like it! I left it for 15 minutes. If you don’t like it that way, leave it on the grill less.

Step 2: Chop the avocado and cherry tomatoes and start assembling the salad.

Add the crayfish and cherry tomatoes.
Add some lime and mix.

Then add the avocado slices:

And then the cauliflower. Don’t forget to add some soysauce and pepper and drop of salt (i added Himalaya salt)


Taste and decide if you want more soy sauce, more salt or more pepper or if it’s just perfect. You can drop a tea spoon of olive oil if you’d like.

And these are the 2 seafood starters: easy and quick to make, delicious and elegant!