The Hundred-Foot Journey | Review

Who says that French cuisine is the best? Or that Michelin star Chefs are the only ones out there worth looking up to?

Here’s a movie for all cooks, chefs (Michelin or not), foodies, amateurs cooks, comfort-food chefs, showing us all that cooking has no boundaries as long as you are passionate about it and as long as you work hard to raise above the expectations!

This is a movie about not only achieving your limits but passing them and giving 200% of your best in order to become the best.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

General info

  • Type: Drama
  • My score: 8/10
  • IMDB score: 7.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 6.2/10
  • Production: DreamWorks Pictures
  • Release: 4 August 2014
  • Duration: 122 minutes

The main story

A very talented and passionate Chef wannabe Indian young man named Hassan, learns about cooking and importance of ingredients and flavors from his mother who dies in a fire, a fire that also destroyed their family Indian restaurant.  His father, Papa, decides to leave Indian and move to Europe. He takes his children and they move for a while in London, but it is a no-name village in France that gives them the opportunity to rise and Hassan to prove his cooking skills. Papa was very driven by his dream to open a restaurant and so he did. With the help and passion of Hassan and his other children, they opened their Indian business, called Maison Mumbai.

However, they had a very big competition right across the street. A 1 Michelin star restaurant Le Saule Pleureur owned and ran by Madame Mallory, a very good Chef and food connoisseur. She does all that it’s in her power to ruin Maison Mumbai and the movies shows how both Madam Mallory and Papa battle using accusations brought in front of the village’s Mayor.

The beauty of it

What it’s beautiful about this movie is how Hassan, the main character – a young passionate man grows in the cooking industry and proves his cooking ingenuity. He proves it to his father, to Madame Mallory’s right hand, Marguerite – the girl who he falls in love with and eventually to Madame Mallory, who decides to take him into her restaurant for 6 months and help her gain her second Michelin star. Which he does in the end.

This young Michelin – star chef in development knows how to mix Indian cuisine and flavors with French’s simplest dishes to most sophisticated one.  He improves the recipe of an omelet, he improves all recipes of the restaurant’s menu. He knows how to find the perfect balance between flavors, he experiments, he trusts his instincts, he is bold, fearless and wants perfection. He is the Chef we would all want to be(come)!

Photo: Adventures by Daddy

Photo: Adventures by Daddy

He ends up moving to Paris and working in several Michelin star restaurants, where he keeps raising and raising and he becomes number 1!

The ending

They say there’s no place where you feel better than home. And so, after few years, he returns to the small village, to his Papa and brothers and he opens a Indian-French restaurant with Marguerite.

The entire mix of scenes: the actual cooking, the competition between the 2 restaurants, the different cuisines, Hassan’s passion, all of these are worth spending 1.5 h watching the movie!

It all feels so raw!

Enjoy the Trailer:

Full plot and actors can be found here.