Thai Tho | new culinary experience | #beenthere

This Saturday my husband and I went to China Town not just for a drink, but to try something different. I was looking for something with good vegetarian dishes of course and so we ended up looking for an Indian restaurant – which definitely has veggie food for my taste buds as well.

Unfortunately we did not find any Indian restaurant, there were lots of Chinese and Japanese of course, few Italian and Spanish, few Vietnameze but none Indian. And so, we chose a Thai restaurant: Thai Tho.

It’s in Soho, on Rupert Street, part of “China Town” and has a very Thailand look&feel, but we chose it because it was a bit more quiet, private and not as cramped as the “All included” Chinese restaurants placed there.

in summary

My score: 7 out of 10.
Key words to describe Thai Tho experience: private feeling, spicy food, Thailand on a plate.
Perfect place for: European tourists, groups of friends, lovers, peeps who wanna try something different.

the place

I did not take any photos of the place out of respect for the owners who seemed to be quiet, doing their job as best as possible but especially because it was a family business over 2-3 generations! The grandfather was working there, the father and the grandchild! This made the place feel special.

The atmosphere was different from other restaurants we’ve been eating so far and everything in there made the place feel different: Thai music, Thai colors (lots of red) and of course, Thai menu.

And we did not make any reservation in advance.

the menu

The menu shouted T-H-A-I-L-A-N-D – it was segmented in categories based on the main Thai ingredients – the menu begins with Starters dishes and then you’d have the main dishes categories, based on main “Thai” ingredients: “Noodle” dishes, “Curry” dishes, “Rice”, “Seafood” dishes, “Salad” dishes.
The prices were between 5 to 16 pounds and of it were to tell an average, I’d say about 8 pounds, for food only.
thai tho menu

our order

We went for Curry! The gentleman also ordered a starter mostly because they had a “lunch time” promotion with starter + lunch at 10.00 pounds both.

His Starter:

He ordered a Soup dish as starter and looked like this:

Looked like a soup but smelled totally different than the soups we’re used to. In few words: it had chicken meat, coconut milk, mushrooms, ginger, a red color and a spicy kick and an exotic aroma from the bamboo bits and the lemongrass. It was different in both looks, smell and taste.

For main he ordered a Beef Red Curry

Looked like a curry-based dish, smelled a bit spicy. The main ingredients were beef meat, coconut milk. The beef was cooked to perfection but it was not that much meat in the curry itself, they could have been a bit more generous with the meat!

He’d give it a 6.5!

For main i ordered a Green veggie curry

Looked like a curry-based dish indeed, smelled so aromatic – it had a lemongrass kick and a beautiful green color. The main ingredients were: green beans, broccoli, bits of aubergines, ginger, coconut milk which is the curry base – so far so good – but they added in a lot of chili! So much that my mouth was on fire with each bite and i had to turn it down by sipping from the cider.

It was definitely an experience – i tasted so many flavors out of one dish! Full in flavors dish.

I would give my curry dish a 7. And the price for this was 8.25 pounds without the rice.

The rice
for both curry dishes was very well cooked, soft, not mushy nor watery, just perfect to dip it into the curry sauce! Both rice portions were 2.95 pounds therefore around 1.50 pounds each!


We paid a total of 34.5 pounds for the experience, not to fell “full” from a curry dish. And it was worth it. The flavors were different than what we eaten so far, our taste buds had been challenged and we paid for something different and overall it delivered.
Plus, i am happy i could see how this Thai family-business was beautifully managed by 3 generations. We received the pay check from the grandchild, who was really shy in giving a pay check to strangers and asking them to pay. The check also had a 12.5% on top of our total, for the service. And so the total was 37.69 pounds.

Overall, for us, it’s a 7 out of 10 – judging mostly after the dishes.
If you’re coming to London and you are in Soho and wanna try something different for your taste, Tho Thai is the place!