Taste of London happening again!

We went to Taste of London 2016 too! Full article about how it was can be found here.

This article is meant to be an introduction for you to understand how this event is like, how much does it cost, the structure of it, what can you do, what can you drink.

Taste of London is…

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It’s a great “Food show” i would say, happening in mid-June (usually), bringing together Chefs around the world, restaurants, different types of cuisines, artisan producers, cooking masterclass, great beer and cider, delicious wine and prosecco.

More information about the event on their official site and official Facebook page.


Differ. Depending on when you purchase the ticket. There are “Standard Tickets (£17)” which I recommend you buy if you are an amateur cook, a food lover, a beer/wine lover or a food-events lover. If you are a Chef-wanna be it makes sense to buy a “Session Ticket” or a “VIP ticket”. Everything about each ticket type here.

Taste of London structure

The structure is pretty simple. You arrive and have a walk around all on a long outside corridor, and while you are walking and observing (and smelling great food), hostesses come to you with samples of food and drinks. Can you ask for more? Last year I remember we taste sample of pasta dishes, cheese, prosecco, cider etc for free.

While walking across left and right sides you have different restaurants, with different cuisines and you can buy small dishes/samples usually at the price between £5 – £8. You can also buy drinks or juices or smoothie.

There are specific areas around with Chefs cooking live and teaching the viewers how to cook different dishes. There are also separate zones with Masterclasses happening.

What can you do

Loads of stuff:

  • You can definitely join the Masterclasses and try cooking specific dishes next to Chefs , with specific kitchen tools given to you (usually from the event’s sponsors). Yes, for free, no need to pay extra.
  • You can cook standard restaurant dishes 
  • You can join the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Masterclass
  • Taste award winning dishes prepared by Chefs
  • Taste some great cocktails
  • Walk around the artisan producers area to see what you can buy (great spices, oils, cheese, everything you need to bring your dish to the next level!)


When it comes to drinking, there is something for everyone. Home made ciders, lagers, beers, red wine, white wine, rose wine, cocktails prepared in front of you and fresh, non – alcoholic smoothies too!

You’re not going to be out of options. And you can pair the drinks with the food you are eating. Plus, you can definitely taste some cheese and wine perfect combinations for the French style lovers.


The £17 are worth it for the Standard ticket if it’s the first time you are going and if you just want to try some great food and tasty drinks! 😉 It’s enough for you to fully enjoy this event, a true Taste of London!