Taste of London 2018

You might be very well aware by now that every year, usually mid June, Taste of London happens, the biggest food event in London and the only one worth attending. And I am happy to say it’s the 3rd year that I write about it and the second I will be attending!

Taste of London 2016 was for me quite a mind-blowing experience because I got the chance to understand tastes I had never tried before and see live cooking in action. I tried fresh scallops (cooked in the shell) for the first time and I ate the best strawberries in my life. A comprehensive review I wrote here.

Taste of London 2017 I could only enjoy from articles, pictures and what other people were saying about this edition. I couldn’t attend myself. But I did write an article to showcase what was going on and explain why it’s worth attending.

We are in 2018 now. And this year, I will be attending! It has become part of “tradition”. This year’s event sounds crazy big, with lots of different things happening, lots of food being cooked, lots of sessions and great chefs being there.

Photo: Taste of London 2018

Photo: Taste of London 2018

General info:

  • When: 13th —17th of June 2018
  • Where: same place as always, Regent’s Park
  • What’s happening: (best) Food is happening. Ok, yes, to be more specific…too many things are happening so let’s take them one by one.

Chefs that are coming this year:

The list will keep growing until the event but here are a few of the big names, just to give you a bit of flavour:

  • Magnus Nilsson
  • Sean Gray
  • Manoella Buffara
  • Gregory Marchand
  • Pip Lacey
  • Lee Tiernan
  • Andy Oliver
  • Aaron Webster & Remi Williams
  • Max Graham
  • Angel Zapata Martin
  • Andrea Petrini
  • Neil Rankin
  • Francesco Mezzei
  • Raphael Grima
  • Oliver Gladwin
  • Hus Vedat
  • Paul de Tarso

Full list of the Chefs that will be at Taste of London can be found here.

They will be one cooking exciting food for you to try and I believe that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What you can do at the event this year

Once you are there, anything is possible!

From (1) The Taste Residence offering 4-course tasting menus to (2) Taste of Travel with dishes made by Celebrities Chefs. Different countries, each with its own menu, freshly cooked for you to try. For both the Taste Residence and Taste of Travel each menu will be paired with a type of wine.

Learn how to make a cocktail at the (3) World Class Cocktail Bar. You will get a step closer to becoming a master in cocktails!

Or if you are not into Cocktails, like I am, you can go to the (4)Samsung Home Appliance Cookery School where the main kitchen appliance will be Samsung’s Dual Cook Flex oven and Induction Hub with Virtual Flame technology.

Starting time of the sessions are 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 every day, 13th to 17th of June.

And this is not all. The full list of actives you can choose from can be found here.

(5) Dishes to try from a diverse selection of restaurants

Will be there to delight you with great flavours and delicious tastes. Either you are vegetarian or not, you will be able to find anything! 

Here are a few of the restaurants which attract my attention.

  • Club Mexicana – a vegan restaurant which will delight you with Mexican flavours and dishes that will make you question whether you still need meat or not!
  • Smoke and Salt – a modern European cuisine, with a mix of traditional techniques brought to life by modern flavours and combinations.
  • Claw – delicious seafoood. And that says it all!
  • Ikoyi – I am very intrigued that this restaurant will be at Taste of London. I heard of it and I can’t wait to try some West African dishes. Be ready for a three course experience.

(6) Artisan producers

If you are a fan of shopping while enjoying a good meal and a drink, the artisan producers section of Taste of London is right down your alley. Weather you are looking for food, drink, travel or home products, you can find them all at Taste of London.

Check out their page dedicated to artisan producers, here.

I persuaded you to come, right? In that case, the tickets can be bought from the event’s official site. And depending on how you want to enjoy this unique Taste experience, there are different tickets you can chose from:

  • Entry pass — you choose the day you want to come and this ticket allows you to come on that day, from start to closing.
  • Taste of Residence — besides the entry to the festival you will also enjoy a fine dining tasting experience with dishes made by famous Chefs.
  • Taster bundle — you can enter the festival from start to closing but also two signature dishes are included into your ticket
  • Club taste VIP — if you want to go big, you’d better go for this one. Not only will you have priority to enter but also you will be able to enjoy the Club Taste VIP Lounge and Garden, a glass of Champagne, and chose two Signature dishes that you want to have.
  • All tickets can be bought online from here.

As a Taste of London past (and future) attendee, I can tell you that you will not regret it. It’s the best food festival I have ever attended and I went to quite a few so far!