Taste of London 2018 CTS review

We went to Taste of London this year too. Went in 2016 for the first time, you can read our review here.

This year it was a bit different. The space seemed bigger, the number of food restaurants seemed higher than two years ago and the things to do were more to choose from than two year ago.

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I loved the Artisan producers space the most!

That space was full of really good quality products and the representatives were willing to give you the raw information and answer all your questions very honestly.

We sampled a few stuff, list and details below.

Pastries from The Bread Shop

the bread shop taste of london 2018

There was a pastries stand called The Bread Shop with freshly baked bread, croissants and other pastry options. The queue there was…really big. And I am not surprised, of course, they had anything you wanted, from savoury to sweet to healthy.

I tried something from there too. The healthier option, a roll made of almonds and other seeds, it was delicious, even my husband tried it and confirmed.

taste of london the bread shop cook to smile

My husband ate the brownie.

taste of london brownie cook to smile

They make all their products from selected wheat and Ancient Spelt flour for a superior standard. On the stand, they had a great variety of sourdough, wholemeal, rye bread.

Protein bars from Healthspan

They gave tasting samples for everyone and were inviting you to take a sit and enjoy their multivitamin products. Their products are really natural and made with fruits, veggies, dairy products but in a healthy way to result in a healthy product.

Photo: Healthspan Facebook page

Photo: Healthspan Facebook page

We tried a few, for free!

  • The Hilo Dark chocolate & mint protein bar — 2g sugar, 20g protein. It was really good and healthy!

Photo: healthspan.co.uk

  • The Hilo Caramel & Dark chocolate — 2g sugar, 20g protein. We prefer the Dark chocolate & mint one better!
  • The Omega 3 & Strawberry milky drink — delicious, the powder is made with dairy milk but you can combine with plant-based milk too.
Photo: Healthspan Facebook page

Photo: Healthspan Facebook page

  • The Multivitality Mixed fruits milky drink — delicious, you could taste all the berries.
  • The Lemon and poppy seeds cookie

The restaurants

We tasted signature dishes from two different places:

Roka restaurant

I tried the dumplings — really good, the dumplings where really well cooked and the sauce was so tasty, made with soy sauce and a lot of garlic (love)!

The tasting plate came with 3 dumplings.

taste of london 2018 dumplings Roka

My husband tried the chargrilled lamb chops from them. Tender, most, juicy and not enough!!!

Action Against Hunger (NGO)

I tried from them the spring rolls with sweet potato and apple chutney. Really good and fulfilling! Made the most out of this dish because I barely needed to eat anything else. When one eats carbs…

taste of london spring rolls action against hunger

Other than that we just wondered around, looked at the other restaurants menu but after tried the dishes above, the protein bars, the pastries from The Bread Shop we were full and had only room for the Fuji water which was given for free to all visitors. 333 ml bottles, as many as you needed. Felt very exotic although it was just still water.

There were many more restaurants to choose from, the issue was we didn’t eat for lunch and we were so hungry so we stop at the first restaurants stands with cooked food we came across.

taste of london 2018 restaurants

The Fire Pit, hosted by DJBBQ

The Fire pit was quite interesting. They had a time table menu with when they would cook what and they would cook each dish at the fire pit, then get you to taste it.

The cooking was done by World class chefs who were taking turns and each would cook a different dish, some of them were the Chefs from the Restaurants who were sampling their signature dishes, other were there just for the fire pit without their restaurants being present.

the fire pit DJBBQ taste of london

The queue was big and the smell was…BBQ-ish. Yum!

Vibes and atmosphere

The vibes overall were like any other festival, a lot of people, eating, drinking, talking, feeling good. Which made the atmosphere to be lively and happy. You could see people of all ages, with or without children, a good festival for families as well as friends or couples handing around.

There were a lot of free spaces with benches where you could take a seat and rest or enjoy your dish.

taste of london vibes 2018

taste of london vibes 2018 cook to smile

taste of london cook to smile 2018

taste of london 2018 prosecco doc


Samsung Home Appliances Cookery School

Samsung were there this year too, and if you had bought a ticket which included a session you could have attended a Samsung session where you could cook a dish, guided by chefs/cooks, using Samsung kitchen appliances.

The sessions were different. On Saturday lunch time you could have chosen between:

13:00 – 13:30

BBQ Bao Buns and Panko Fish Finger Bao

School of Wok

14:00 – 14:30 / 15:00 – 15:30

Thai Salmon Parcel with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce

The Avenue

Cooking workshops

There were cooking workshops taking place which we didn’t register too but all were quite interesting, with professional Chefs teaching the participants.

taste of london cooking workshop


Happy to have taken part at this and taste a few interesting dishes, snacks. Again, the best food festival in the city. The only one worth going to and the only one worth spending 4 hours of eating and drinking at.

If you haven’t been yet, next year is your chance – they usually organise it every mid June, at Regent’s Park!

Thank you, Taste of London! See you next year!

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