Sushi time at Hare & Tortoise | #beenthere London

Both my partner and I love sushi. And what a better way to end a very busy week than going to a sushi place on Friday evening. Our choice: Hare & Tortoise in Blackfriars.

We made a reservation for two at 18.15 pm on Friday 17th february. As soon as we entered inside, we walked down the stairs and it gave me a feeling of entering into a hotel. But once we entered into the restaurant itself, it felt ok.

The place

The design and look & feel overall was not overwhelming or too inviting. Simple, with black tables, black leather chairs and sofas. A bit more elevated than a fast food chain, with waitress who served you at the table. If you were sitting next to the main entrance where the sushi chefs were sitting you could even see what they were cooking. And seeing an Asian chef cooking could take your breath away.

The atmosphere was cosy and calming. Not too laud, not too quiet. Background music was enjoyable and calming.

The serving

They moved like Asian chef’s knife. Fast and on point. It took about 10 minutes to get the order. And they were kind to move us to a different table, the one we sat at initially was slightly unbalanced let’s say and constantly moving if we took our hands of it.

Our order

He ordered the Sushi Deluxe pack consisting of 16 rolls for the price of 18.50 pounds. The pack consistent in the following sushi delights: 1 x salmon, 1 x tuna, 1 x yellowtail, 1 x botan shrimp, 1 x scallop, 1 x surf calm, 1 x omelette nigiri, 1 x ikuna gunkan, 3 x salmon maki, 3 x tuna maki and 2 x futomaki.

Preview of the plate below:

Sushi time at hear and tortoise Cooktosmile

Deluxe pack (16 pieces)


Sushi Deluxe pack hear and tortoise cooktosmile

Deluxe pack

I ordered 2 packs, separately: 6 x tuna rolls named Tukka Makki for the price of 5.40 pounds. I wanted and needed some protein and another 6 pieces pack of Asparagus & Avocado Maki for the same price consisting in seaweed roll filled with asparagus, avocado and kanpyo, dressed with black sesame.

The latter ones were big. Really big sushi rolls. And the asparagus had a nutty taste, I loved it. It was the perfect balance between veggie, fat (avocado) and carbs (rice).

I would rate my sushi packs with 8.5 out of 10.

asparagus and avocado maki sushi cook to smile

Asparagus & Avocado maki


Tuna maki

Tuna maki


I ordered a light and tasty rose wine, 250 ml glass, 7.50 pounds: Pinot Grigio Blush IGT Veneto / Italy

And he ordered a Japanese beer called Tiger beer at 3.40 pounds. Very smooth and light!  


A not-too fancy place (doesn’t even need to be!), with good sushi and a good rose wine. Cosy look & feel, nice atmosphere, fast sushi chefs. It’s perfect for a recovery on a Friday evening with your partner. And good for dates too! 😉

Give it a try, you will want more sushi afterwards! Address is here.