Scoring 2 London food franchise on (healthy) veggie dishes

Some of our friends came over to London 2 weekends ago and we obviously walked them through the city to see all the important landmarks and, as much as possible, to see the beauty of London.

But we also enjoyed food in some nice places that i really think have good food: Nando’s and Strada (close to Tower Bridge).

This article is meant to give some scores to the 2 restaurants for their healthy veggie options on the menu which I have tried!


nandos logo cook to smile

It wasn’t the first time we were eating at Nando’s – but it was the first for our friends. They understood at that moment why KFC is not that present in London and why people chose Nando’s over KFC.

I like Nando’s because they stay true to their heritage and positioning. They know how to cook chicken; they stick to the franchise’s recipe. And the taste and flavors of their chicken is so distinct and so different from KFC’s. I know that the 2 are different, one is fried chicken, the other is specialised in grilled chicken but still, they are competitors.

Nando’s main specialty is grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce, their signature dressing.

Their menu…

…is the same as any other Nando’s restaurant in London:

on the bone

on the bone

off the bone

off the bone

grilled chicken

grilled chicken menu

peri-peri chicken

peri peri menu

veggie menu

veggie menu

salads menu (1)

salads menu nandos 1

salads menu (2)

salads menu 2 nandos cooktosmile

Prices, as you can see, are really accessible and the portions are quite fulfilling your tummy.

Anyway, we went to Nando’s in Canary Wharf and I ate a supergrain salad, very healthy, very green and tasty! The sauce was with a bit of avocado buttermilk dressing. Sooo tasty! The ingredients from the salad were: mix of grains (white and black quinoa, greens, beans, avocado and some seeds on top, pine seeds.

It looked like this:

nandos supergrain salad cook to smile

supergrain salad superfood nandos cook to smile

My friends and husband ordered chicken thighs with fries of course!

Overall, I would give Nando’s 9 out of 10 for their healthy and veggies menu options!


strada logo review cook to smile

On the second day we went to Strada, we were all graving for a pizza, a good Italian pizza. In London, I know!

So walking across Thames River towards Tower Bridge we arrived to Strada and went in! We found there really Italian tasty pizza. We all ordered pizza. Here is the Pizza menu available at Riverside London Strada restaurant.

pizza strada

My husband and our 2 friends went for the PARMA pizza with Prosciutto and the Ham and Funghi. I went for the Fiorentina pizza with steamed broccoli, parmesan and shiitake mushrooms. Delicious!

Parma pizza

pizza prosciutto strada cook to smile review

pizza strada cook to smile

Fiorentina pizza (veggie)

pizza fiorentina veggie strada review cook to smile

pizza fiorentina veggie burnt crust cook to smile review

The crust was thin and crunchy and mine was also very little burnt which I loved!

Overall I would give Strada an 8 out of 10 for their veggie healthy menu options – for pizza! I know pizza is not healthy at all but it didn’t have anything fatty but the bread (crust) which are carbs. Parmesan cheese i believe is not that bad and has less calories than other cheeses – it’s the protein in this dish i would say! 😉

Either one you choose, they are both worth it – good balance of taste, flavours, portion and price! And they quite well positioned in not-at-all-cheap parts of London!