Sea food salad – speaking “Fresh” or what?

Sea food is basically fish food. The “difference” (if you put it that way) is that it contains other types of fish, mainly shellfish, like: shrimps, scallops and so on.

  • Prep Time 10 min
  • Cook Time 20 min
  • Score 10/10

What I didn’t know is that in UK there is a band named “Seafood” and in China there is a movie called “Seafood”.  Cool, isn’t it?

Now I will present you the seafood salad I made. Fresh, simple, revigorating and it gives you a large smile upon your face. It gave to my boyfriend. 🙂

Here are the ingredients (for 2 salads):

  • Seafoods, different spieces (you can find at Metro): scallops, shrimps, baby octopus, surimi. – 300 gr pack
  • Cucumber- 1 piece, sliced in 2
  • Cabbage - 1 piece. A big one
  • Paprika lemon
  • Onion - 2 pieces (one for each salad)
  • Tomatos - 6 pieces (3 peices for each salad)
  • Butter - 2 cubes for the seafood sote
  • Fish sauce - 1 spoon for the seafood
  • Condiments: salt, pepper with lemon, parsley, basil and salad condiments
  • Balsamic vinegar - 2 spoons (1 spoon for each salad)

The instruments needed in the kitchen:

  • Chopping board
  • Knife, impossible without
  • 2 salad containers / bowls
  • Wok for cooking the seafood

How I did it:

Step 1

Cooking the seafood: I started with cooking the seafood.  In the wok I put a small butter cube, and once it started melting added the onion. Let it cook for 2 minutes and then I added the sefood. Smelling great. The seafood I let it the way they were, no chopping at all. After 5 minutes of cooking I added some fish sauce. And let the flavor burst into the seafood.

Step 2

Chopping vegetables: While the seafood was cooking, I started cutting the vegetables for the salad. The tomatoes I sliced them into thin pieces, the cucumber I sliced it round & thin, the paprika I wanted to slice it rectangular and the cabbage…random cutting. I added the vegetables directly into the salad bowls.

Step 3

Checking: the scallops, shrimps, surimi and octupus I checked the seafood that was cooking in the wok. Tasted it. Good. Beautiful taste. Just a little bit of salt. In a different small bowl I got the seafood out and let it rest for 2 minutes.

Step 4

Assembling the salad: I started assembling the salad. In the same salad bowls I added, above the vegetables, the seafood. Mixed the salad. Then added salt, lemon pepper, parsley, basil and salad condiments.  Then I added balsamic vinegar, no "special" dressing needed.

Step 5

No plating. Just start eating!

I am a fan of the idea that the salad must be eaten from a bowl and not from a plate so that it…looks good. No, I love to shove the fork in the salad and take a piece of … everything. And that’s what I did.

salata cu fructe de mare

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