Mom’s eclair vanilla filling recipe!

Home-made eclairs recipe which i got from my mom! It’s the best.

  • Prep Time 50 min
  • Cook Time 40 min
  • Score 10/10

This New Year’s party came with a special and loved dessert among my friends: Eclairs! Mini-eclair to be fair. Looked like this:
cook to smile eclair ecler

Here’s the eclair vanilla filling composition recipe i used which i got from my mom. She was making eclair for almost every special ocassion (birthday parties, Christmas, New Year etc) at the time i was staying at my parent’s house.


  • Filling cream: 3 eggs; 80 grams flour; 150 sugar; 500 ml milk; 25 grams butter; vanilla sugar; rom aromas
  • Topping: 1 ladder of milk; half (or even 3/4 of a chocolate (best to be as raw and not processed, without milk or other aromas)

Kitchen tools

  • ladle for the milk
  • bowl to mix the filling
  • pot to cook the filling
  • mixer

How I did it

Step 1

The filling
Start beaten the eggs white, add then 100 gr sugar and the aromas (vanilla, rom) and continue the process (of beating the egg white) until the composition gets the snow texture. Once ready, leave it aside.

Step 2

Continue with the filling
Separately the egg yolks are beaten with the sugar, then add 3-4 tablespoons of milk (it can be cold) and afterwards add the entire flour (80 grams) and beat with the spoon or the whisk until it does not have bubbles.
Add 250 ml of cold milk (half of the milk) one table spoon at a time and continue mixing the composition. Then add the butter, all of it.
The pot must be add on low heat and you must continuously mix the composition to make sure it does not get stuck on the pot. The rest of the milk (250 ml) must be added at a room temperature (not cold from the fridge), add half of it first and mix, then add the remaining milk. Leave the pot to boil but make sure you mix so that the composition does not get stuck to the pan.
Once composition is ready and congealead, you can remove the pot from the heat and add the vanilla sugar and the beaten egg white composition you did in the first place.
Mix both compositons until it becomes one and start filling the eclair dough! Fill it with the composition warm so that it can get cold while it sits in the eclair. 😉

Step 3

The chocolate topping
This is simple to make. Add a ladle of milk in a pot and put it on the low heat. Add half of dark chocolate into the pot and continue mixing the composition until the chocolate melts into the milk. Add vanilla sugar and continue mixing until the composion get thicker (it should not be like the juice but more like the liqueur).
topping for eclair cook to smile

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