Moist, buttered salmon

We all know that fish is the “good meat”. Because it can be transformed in a delicious meal for both meat and non-meat fans.

  • Prep Time 7 min
  • Cook Time 15 min
  • Score 9/10

Salmon, especially, is well known for its protein properties and the fatless benefit.

Here are the “instruments” I used:

  • Wok

How I did it:

Step 1

File the salmon: So, I had a big salmon piece for one portion. Therefore, I sliced it into 4 equal pieces, as much as I could. Gently, with a sharp knife, I cut the pieces with 3 small lines so that they cook juicy inside, due to the butter.

Step 2

Seasoning: I seasoned the salmon with: salt, pepper. It' all that it needs.

Step 3

Into the wok: I took 2 pieces of butter, like a quarter of a 100 gr pack and put it into wok. Waited until it started to melt and added the pieces of salmon. Set the fire at the lowest capacity and let it cook.

Adding the flavour

Step 4

Preparing the sauce: I took the fish sauce, the balsamic vinegar, the lemon and the condiments and took a small bowl. Into the bowl I poured 2 coffee spoons of fish sauce, one coffee spoon of balsamic vinegar and mixed. Then I added lemon, like half of lemon juice and then salt, pepper and rosemary. Mixed it up. I tasted and felt the need of more lemon juice. Added more, then. It appears that the fish sauce seized all the flavor of the sauce.

Step 5

Get the flavor: Once the sauce was ready I poured it in the wok, over the 4 salmon slices. Smelled wonderful. Once I added the sauce I set the fire at a medium capacity and let it cook properly.

Step 6

Plating the salmon: It’s always a challenge in plating when I have only one ingredient in the dish. In this case, only the protein, the salmon. I took the rectangle plate and 2 piece of the fresh cooked salmon and put it one above each other, but in different direction. Seasoned after with parsley.

As simple as it looks, as good it tastes. 🙂

somon in unt 3

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