Marinated pork meat

…or making the pork much more delicious.

  • Prep Time 6:0 hours
  • Cook Time 1:30 hours
  • Score 9/10

Even though I don’t eat meat (at least that’s what I decided for a while) I enjoy cooking it. And I love to marinate meat. Due to the Christmas Holidays and the “pork sacrifice” in December, I received from the grandparents some fresh and healthy good pork meat. So, I decided to marinate it before the actual cooking. Easy to do, lots of flavours and a delicious meal resulted in the end.


  • pork meat - 400 gr
  • mushrooms - 350 gr
  • garlic+onion
  • bacon - 150 gr
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • honey
  • tomato sauce
  • Condiments: basil, coriander, rosemary, oregano, red paprika, salt & pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce

Kitchen tools:

  • oven
  • bowl to marinate the pork
  • oven tray

How I did it:

Step 1

Most important: prep the pork meat
Wash the pork well and get rid of the fat. But don't remove the entire fat, 'cause fat does good. So, leave a very thin piece of fat on each slice. Then, start prepping the sauce in which the pork will be marinated.
Marinara sauce Into a bowl add: tomato sauce, honey, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce. Mix. Then add salt & pepper, taste and adjust if necessary. Also, add a drop of sugar. Mix again and taste. Add the red paprika and taste again. If a bit of salt is still needed, don't hesitate to add some. IMG_9788

Step 2

Add the pork into the sauce
Now cut the pork into slices - not too thin but not too thick either. Add the slices into the marinara sauce and make sure these are covered by the sauce. You have 2 options: marinate the slices one by one or marinated a bigger meat part that wasn't entirely sliced. I did both. 🙂
slices one by one:
pork marnat
meat not entirely sliced:
IMG_9764 Cover the bowl with food foil and let it marinate (into the fridge) for 5 hours.

Step 3

Cook the meat!
Oh, the marinated pork smells...brilliant. Now, I choose to go with the marinated pork meat, not entirely sliced. And I had an idea: bacon. Can't go wrong, we know it. Since I did not slice the meat entirely into thin slices, I added some bacon thin slices in between the marinated pork.

Step 4

Prep the garnish
I choose some fresh Champignon mushrooms to go with the marinated pork. I washed the mushrooms and peeled them carefully. Then, I added them into the oven tray, along with the julliene chopped onion and the garlic.
Now, add the pork into the oven tray. IMG_9784
Drop some olive oil, soy sauce and water into the tray. Add salt, pepper, condiments and the marinated sauce, the sauce you made for marinated the pork. You want to double the flavour. 😉

Step 5

Cook the marinated pork!
While you are preparing the tray to be added into the oven, open the oven and turn on the heat for about 15 minutes before adding the tray inside.
15 minutes after Add the pork into the oven and leave it to cook for 60 - 90 minutes at 180 degrees. I mentioned the timing of 60 up to 90 minutes because it really depends on the oven. Mine, for example, heats quickly and 60 minutes are enough.
60 minutes after
pork marinated
pork marinated 3

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