Italian touch: light & veggie Penne

Light as summer, appetizing as a gigolo: ‪penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and pesto! Awesome match, i know! 😉

  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Cook Time 25 min
  • Score 8.5/10

Lately I’ve been cooking #spanish style. This weekend I’m going #italian style!


  • penne pasta, whole grain (400 gr)
  • cherry tomatos
  • pesto (raw, organic)
  • basil leaves
  • pomegranate balsamic vinegar
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • parmesan

Kitchen tools

  • wok
  • pan to boil pasta

How I did it

Step 1

Get the pasta boiling!
Put the water to boil, with a touch of salt, for 5-7 minutes. Afterwards drop the Penne in the water and leave to boil for 7-10 minutes, medium heat.

Step 2

Chop, chop
While pasta is boiling, chop the cherry tomatoes and i did not use any olive oil, but i dropped some balsamic vinegar into the wok instead, on a very low heat. Once the pasta is boiled, drain the water and add the pasta into the wok, increase the heat and leave to cook for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Let's properly cook the pasta
Now, drop the tomatoes, 1 table spoon of balsamic vinaigrette and add some fresh basil leaves so the're cooking with the pasta and give that italian flavor.
Add in some table spoons of pesto - i added 3 big ones!

Step 4

Almost there
Leave to cook for another 10 minutes and taste. Taste the pasta and if salt is needed, add it in, if more pesto, add another table spoon. You get the idea. Mine was as i wanted, the basil flavor was strong, you could sense the pesto and the penne were nicely cooked.
So i turned the heat off, let to rest for 2-3 minutes - now, time to dig in. I put a big portion on the plate, grated some parmesan cheese on top and voila: veggie, light and tasty pasta DONE!