Chicken Souvlaki

Greek skewers or Souvlaki – healthy, refreshing and light. Just like summer.

  • Prep Time 40 min
  • Cook Time 30 min
  • Score 8.5/10

Souvlaki is, basically, a Skewer dish traditionally made in Greece. And today I’ve made it without an intention. I just wanted to make some chicken skewers and once done, I remembered a friend telling me that she ate Souvlaki once in Greece which consist in skewers made with chicken, tomato and yellow pepper.
Souvlkai and Skewers in general are better cooked on a grill, but the pan could do the trick as well when there is no grill around and nor a friendly weather (it rained all day today here, in Bucharest).


  • Chicken thights - 350 gr / 3 pieces
  • Vegetables: 1 tomato; 1 yellow pepper; half of an average-size zuchinni
  • Cheese - yes, I added cheese (boyfriend's be cheesy) - 100 gr

Kitchen tools

  • Skewers
  • Pan & oven
  • Chef's knife

How I did it

Step 1

Prep the Souvlaki
I washed the chicken tights, cut the fat and seasoned on both sides. I then cut the chicken in cubic pieces.
Afterwards, I cut the cheese in cubic pieces too; afterwards the tomatoes (in thick round pieces)and the pepper.
I started making the Souvlaki adding: a piece of chicken, a piece of cheese, then another piece of chicken followed by another piece of cheese, and last the vegetables: tomato - zucchini - pepper - and finished with another piece of chicken. Then, seasoned with just a bit of salt and pepper. You don't have to add the cheese, as Souvlaki and Skweres do not have cheese as an ingredient since it's going to melt in the pan or on the grill 🙂
Of course, you can change the order as you wish - however, it's best to follow a pattern and it's recommend to have 3/4 meat and the rest vegetables (meaning you should add 2 slides of meat in a row followed by 1 slide of vegetable)
souvlaki 4

Step 2

Cook the Souvlaki
Once done, I dropped some olive oil into the pan and added the Souvlaki watching these carefully - not to overcook the chicken, we all know it's cooking fast. Once done on one side, I turned it on the other side so that it gets properly cooked on both sides. It would have been better to cook these on the grill, but a good cook can always improvise.
souvlaki 2
souvlaki 3
15 minutes after I added the Souvlaki in the oven for another 15 minutes - for the chicken pieces to cook evenly on all margins as well.
15 minutes passed - Souvlaki done. Voila! You can add some tzatziki and a salad as a side dish and your light lunch or dinner is ready!
souvlaki done
souvlaki done 1

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