Burger time!

The burger – It’s beef meat between 2 slices of bread and it first appeared in 19th Century/early 20th Century. It’s associated with Americans and yes, you ate many times. 😉

  • Prep Time 25 min
  • Cook Time 20 min
  • Score 10/10

The burger or the hamburger, a culinary icon for the United States. It’s meat is also known as “ground meat”, “minced meat” or “mince”. It is the product of industrialization and fast changing society, a society where people don’t have time for (home) cooking anymore, a society where 2 slices of bread and minced beef meat will do the trick.


  • Minced beef meat (400-700 gr – depends on how many burgers you want)
  • Rice – 2 table spoons (for 500 gr of meat)
  • Onion or Garlic (whatever you prefer)
  • Eggs (2-3, depending on the meat portion)
  • Soy sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Dijon mustard
  • Pesto
  • Parmesan
  • Condiments: salt and pepper would be enough. But I went an extra mile and also added: paprika powder and coriander.

Kitchen tools:

  • Wok
  • Pot
  • Bowl for the meat prep

How I did it:

Step 1

Prep the meat If you have a meat grinder than you should take a big piece of beef and mince it yourself rather than take the ground beef meat grinded it.

Once the meat it minced you add it into a large bowl. And add all the other ingredients except for the garlic or onions (see step 2), whatever you chose: add the eggs, one by one – once you added one, you mix.

Then add the rice, the pesto and the red paprika powder and mix. You can also add some soy sauce il if you wish. I did. 🙂


Step 2

Make your own soffritto of onions/garlic

Before adding the onions or garlic into the mixture of the hamburger meat, I made my own soffritto of garlic – I did not leave it too much into the wok, just about 3 minutes to catch that smell and taste of “roasted” garlic so that it gives the meat a crunchy texture inside and to amplify the taste. It will cook properly inside the burger meat. Once you are happy with it, leave it aside to rest and cool and afterwards add the garlic/onion into the meat mixture.

Note: if you use onions, make sure you chop them in pieces as small as possible otherwise the meat will get “heavy” and the burger will fall apart into the pan.

Step 3

Get the burger form

Once the mixture is ready, make the burgers. This is the most fun part of this recipe. Especially if “you cook at home and you don’t have all the kitchen tools” – you might think. But you don’t need any special tools to make the burgers, to give the form.

You must use the palm and the fingers.

I just took a hand of meat from the bowl. And first, I made a “small ball” in my hands (think that you are making a snow ball, if it helps). Then by gently pressing on the ball I gave it a flat form. At the same time with the pressing, I easily twisted the burger in my hands. And using the fingers on the sides, I gave the meat the form of a burger. Then, repeat.


I ended up having 6 big burgers from 600 gr minced meat.


If you have a puree form you can use it, like my boyfriend did (see images below). It will come in handy. The same way you add any kind of puree, you now add the minced meat and give the burger the flat, round form.

form 2

form 3

Step 4

Pan. Oil. Let’s burger!

Now I am ready to cook some burgers!!

Oil into the pan – checked. I added olive oil. I only cook with olive oil but you can use sunflower oil as well. Once the oil heated enough I add the burgers, one by one. And I cooked each side of the burger.

Once the color changed and the smell of burger hit me, I turned the burger on the other side. You can easily tell when the burger it’s ready – smell, color, texture.

cook burger

Step 5

Compose the burger

Once the meat is ready, get the burger done. I took burger bread from the market, sliced it into 2 and on one part I added the burger, the Dijon mustard, a thin slice of tomato and I also I grated parmesan on top.

burger 2 OR

You can make guacamole and add it on top – the burger would be like this:

burger 3

Note : Guacamole recipe coming soon.

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