Bake some Pizza! London style

Here’s an easy, comfortable way to make a healthy pizza and a sausage-juicy one!

  • Prep Time 23 min
  • Cook Time 12 min
  • Score 9/10

1 year and a half ago I cooked my Homemade Sunday’s Pizza(recipe here). In Bucharest.
Today I’ve made a new version of it in London. In this article you will find 2 recipes: a healty pizza version and a slightly-healthy-but-juicy one.

Check these out and try them!


  • pizza dough (2 pieces from Sainsbury's)
  • mozzarella (100 gr)
  • meat for the healthy pizza: crab (70 gr) and tuna (70 gr)
  • meat for the juicy pizza: chicken (100 gr), sausage (70 gr)
  • 1 tomato
  • mushrooms
  • jalapenos
  • tomato sauce
  • basil leafs
  • salt, pepper, chilli, garlic powder
  • capers

Kitchen tools

  • wok
  • oven

How I did it

Step 1

Pizza prep!
Start with cooking the chicken. Chop the chicken into one-bite pieces. Drop some olive oil into the wok and add the chopped chicken into the olive oil. Season with salt, pepper and if you want, some piri-piri chicken seasoning. Just to give a flavour punch to the taste of pizza overall. Why were're cooking the chicken searately? Because all ingredients on the pizza dough shouldn't be raw unless these are vegetables that cook easy and fast, such as tomato, mushrooms.
pizza time

Step 2

Chop chop for that pizza
While the chicken is cooking in the wok, chop the mushrooms, the tomatoes, the jalapenos, the sausages.
sausages for pizza
Now, the sausages need cooking as well. Once the chicken is cooked and tender, take it out and drop some olive oil and then the sausages into the wok. Don't forget to season. 10 minutes should be enough.

Step 3

Ready for some Pizza?
Of course you are. Take out the pizza dough you bought and start adding tomato sauce on top.
pizza with tomato sauce
And start adding some toppings

Topping for healthy seafood pizza

- add the mushrooms: mushroom topping on pizza
- let it get fishy - add the crab and tuna - and some basil leafs on top: seafood pizza topping

Topping for sausage juicy pizza

- add the tomato sauce of course and sprinkle some cheesy mozzarella:
mozzarella pizza
- and now, the meat: sausages and chicken - and the tomato slices with jalapenos
sausage and jalapenos pizza topping
- don't forget about the basil leafs and capers!
pizza with basil

Step 4

Pizza in and out(of the oven)!
The "Healthy but tasty" Seafood Pizza
seafood-pizza The juicy sausage Pizza
sausage pizza