Organic oatcakes

I have found these organic oatcakes at Sainsbury’s. Nairns. I am not a fan of snacks in general, but i love a healthy one. So i decided to buy one box.

The origins

Narins oatcakes come from Scotland and are made from Scottish oat only.

The packaging is straightforward, indicating that “organic” product. Green and white.


The packaging covers all the ingredients as well as suggestions on how it’s best to eat these crunchy snacks. One of the information on package reads that each oatcake has 46 kcal and are rich in fibre and help keep the cholesterol down.

You can find them at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda for sure. And, not to worry, they come in other flavours/ingredients/packaging too, if you’re not a fan of organic stuff.

Inside the pack you can find 4 packs of 6 oatcakes.

oatcake organic nairns cooktosmile

The cakes

The cakes are very crunchy and with seeds. And just by eating one you can sense that “healthy” and earthy flavour.

nairns organic oatcake

nairns organic oatcakes cooktosmile

The ingredients

This is what makes them organic. All the ingredients are organic. You’ve got: Organic wholegrain oats (83%), organic oatbran, organic sunflower oil, organic sustainable palm fruit oil, sea salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.

Each oatcake has only 46 kcal.

How to eat them

Simple, you take one oatcake at a time and bite until there’s none left. Kidding.


These oatcakes are a very good source of energy which is what you need in the mornings. A 6 pack of oatcakes and a banana should make you feel happy and ready to crack on with some morning meetings!

OR you can grab a glass of warm milk and dip them in the milk. OR you take some butter and jelly and drop them onto the oatcake in 2 layers ( 1 layer butter, 1 layer jelly) and there you go!

2. Snacks

In those moments in between meals: between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner – when your stomach starts telling you “when’s lunch coming?”, you can eat them as they are, without milk, butter, nothing. Just enjoy the crunch while you keep on going with the work.

3. Starter

Of course these make brilliant starters! Here’s an example of starters i’ve made using oatcakes (not these ones in particular but similar):


Recipe is here: Seafood starters to try.

Either way you want to enjoy them, you’re up to a healthy crunch with lots of fiber and a good source of energy boost!