Model Market Street Food | #beenthere

Every Friday and Saturday night, in our neighborhood, we were hearing music, sensed smell of ribs and we could see throughout our window some flashes of colored light.

So we said: we need to go there, to see what’s happening, it’s just a few minutes walk away from us. And we went.


Free until 7pm, 3 pounds after 7 pm.
Open Friday evening till midnight and Saturdays from noon till midnight.

We went inside and 2 lovely ladies welcomed us and checked our bags. All good, since the first 2 steps we could feel the smell of burgers, ribs and beer. Oh, London!


The atmosphere

…was nice, street-event-feel-like, sun up in the sky, good music in background, lots of food and cuisines to choose from: Indian, Spanish, Chinese, New York, Mexican, lots of drinks: cider, beer, cocktails, good wine.

The look&feel was a mix of … vintage, recycled barrels which acted as tables and an over all “behind the blocks”-feel.

Music in the background…reggae, pop, old, new, a mix of everything for everyone. And a DJ in the house.


The food stands

There were 4 that stood out and made us think twice which one to choose from:

1. Fried squid with mayo and onion ring – all seafood! – by Ink. Passed. We thought we’d still be hungry after eating (just)the squid.
2. Mexican-style burritos, tacos and nachos – all vegan – by Club Mexicana. I tried 1 burrito from them, find out more below 😉
3. British ribs on the grill (beef or pork) – all meat! – by Hot Box. George tried 1 pair of ribs, find out more below 😉
4. Chinese steamed buns either veggie filling or meat filling – by Yum Bun. Wished i tried one, they looked so delicious.

And there were, of course, other’s offering:

5. Vietnamese-style grilled burgers from Bill or Break. We didn’t chose this one – had enough burgers so far (yes, veggie ones too).
6. British-style burgers with bacon with lots of cheese from Mother Flipper. That’s what I’m talking about!

Brownies & Ice Cream
7. Mojito-brownies were a hit! And were server perfectly baked and sized by SE Cakery (South-East).
8. Chocolate and salted caramel doughnuts with ice-cream by You Doughnuts!

What did we eat

Well, we confirmed above we choose a pair of ribs and a burrito – a big one! But we did not confess how delicious and good these were!

Ribs from Hot box looked like this
Tender, the pork meat was just falling off the bones, the BBQ sauce looked amazing and smelled amazing – the only slight minus if we were to be picky was the meat was not that juicy(moist), but deserved an 8+ out of 10.

Burrito from Club Mexicana looked like this

buritto 2
I can describe this burrito in 2 words: veggie but consistent! Had all my body needed and was veggie of course: black beans, rice, guacamole, tomato, dressing, chilli, onions and the star: jackfruit – a very “meaty” fruit! The jackfruit had been slowly cooked before separately in a tomato-dressing which made it tase so meaty.

The only minus for it was … the spiciness – too spicy for my taste buds!
My score for this burrito would be 9 out of 10.

Some drinks to fill in the gap here:
A very tasty orchid-cider:

Music in the background, people laughing and having fun. Gonna come again!