Lunch at Gourmet Pizza | #beenthere

This week, on Thursday more precisely, we went out for lunch at Gourmet Pizza. Very close to Sea Containers building, around Blackfriars/Southwark.


The Gourmet Pizza at Southwark is a small, cosy restaurant, with bottles of wine displayed at the entrance indicating they have wines for all taste buds!
inside gourmet pizza co

photo: gourmetpizza website

Also, one detail i liked is that the kitchen is right next to the customers and you can easily take a glimpse at what’s happening behind the curtains.


A smart menu which includes: starters, mains, desserts, pizzas, salads. So, big portions, small ones, for both meat lovers and veggies.

The pizzas are predominant and it makes total sense, it’s their speciality and they have dedicated pizza chefs. Which leaves room for a lot of different pizzas on the menu to choose from.

Gourmet pizzas
gourmet pizza menu

The very well known pizzas
eat & drink festival 2017

Our order

He ordered a pizza, of course.

A Classico Italiane at £11.
The ingredients: prosciutto crudo ham, tomato sauce, chestnut mushrooms, mozzarella and olives. It looked crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. The taste was worthy of the price, as well as the size.
crunchy gourmet pizza cook to smile
gourmet cheesy pizza cook to smile

I ordered a salad, of course. But not any kind of salad.

A Superfood Salad at £11.25.
The ingredients: spinach, broccoli, avocado, goat cheese, pine kernels, beetroot. Balsamic vinegar dressing on top of all the salad, looking good and tasting very healthy, literally. Avocado, goat cheese and beetroot trio tasted so good in one bite. And the broccoli, which believe it was grilled, tasted very nutty! Oh, and the pine seeds made the dish even more nutty indeed!
superfood salad gourmet pizza cook to smile

Drinks: nothing interesting. He had some apple juice and i had a lemonade. Don’t judge, it was lunch after all, wine goes better at dinner, if you ask me!

After taste

We went, we ate, we liked. If you are in the area and are hungry, go and try a pizza or a salad!

The address is here. Very close to Southwark Underground and Waterloo stations.

What is missing?

Maybe the drinks. I would say they could invest more (time and money) to have freshly squeezed apple juice and freshly lemonade, with honey (which they do not have).

But, otherwise, food is good and the prices are average. The location is…perfect!