How to eat clean and stay lean

At first, I wanted to write about healthy ingredients and how you can eat something that is both good and healthy for you, with an example of a fast and light meal.

Then I thought – what is the value in doing that? When there are loads of blogs out there with healthy recipes – I actually have a few posts on my blog about few healthy ingredients and habits.


5 healthy habits



So I decided to to discuss about “eating clean” and “staying lean” instead. WTF does that mean, you think? No, it doesn’t mean you must clean your table before eating nor does it mean you must clean the veggies before eating them (that’s by default).

A lot of  people today decided to change what they eat and how they stay healthy – same as with the vegetarians, vegans, raw vegans – having a clean diet and a lean lifestyle is a change of mindset and lifestyle.

What does eating clean mean?

To keep it simple for you: it means a lot of no’s. No bad fats, no processed sugar, no junk food, no juices and list can go on.

What does staying lean mean?

To keep it simple for you again: it means eating the less bad ingredients and meals out of all the bad ones – the meat with less fat, the wholegrain carbs, the fruits instead of candy, the olives instead of fat oils.

Here is a play on “lean plates” for you

First plate

lean plate cook to smile


Avocado, sesame seeds, olives, prosciutto crudo (raw and lean meat), fat-reduced greek cheese, raw cucumber

Second plate

eat clean cook to smile


Healthy wholegrain crackers, prosciutto crudo, avocado, fat-reduced Greek cheese and some organic tomatoes from our hometown.

You can always replace the Greek cheese with hummus – how about lemon and coriander low-fat hummus?

hummus eat clean stay lean cook to smile

Hope the above help you understand that eating clean and keeping your body lean (muscles, body form, bodyweight) means completely changing the way you eat, your lifestyle.

It’s a choice you need to make!