Experiencing Eat and Drink festival!

I was writing here about Eat and Drink festival. Cook to smile was there last week and we’re going this weekend as well! Let’s see what it was!


Busy. Busy. Busy. A lot of people moving around, a lot of food trucks and food stands, a lot of good food smell that even if you had eaten home and came with the thought of buying a booze you could not resist and you had to buy yourself some tortilla wrap or a good burger or a sushi pack or maybe something sweet…a nutella waffle or some snacks?

At the entrance you could see fruits and veggies as if you were in the open market with local products directly from countryman producers! Also there were arrows directing you to the specific areas inside the festival.

Eat and drink festival atmosphere fruits and vegetables cook to smile

Baba Ghanoush – the longest queue of all! Guess everyone likes falafel?

eat and drink festival atmosphere cook to smile

Looking right was The Great Eat area, where you could find other food stands and cuisines: Indian food, American food, Japanese (Sushi), Spanish food.

Eat and Drink the Great Eat cook to smile

And then there was the Drinks station: busy busy busy. You could find crafted beer, pale ale, prosecco, cider, free wine tasting

Eat and drink festival drink station cook to smile

What we ate

This one was a bit tricky. You have The Great Eat area where you could buy whatever you wanted to eat and sat down at a table (if you were lucky enough to find one).

We wanted to eat at Baba Ghanoush but only by looking at the long queue made you feel exhausted. So we gave up and walked around to see what else was there to eat. We wanted to enjoy the place and what it offered besides food and so we went with some good Sushi from Mai Tai which was really good! I bought the veggie brown rice rolls and my husband bought the salmon california rolls.

Sushi Eat and Drink festival cook to smile

What we drank

There were loads of drinks. From cocktails to cider, prosecco and beer. The 2 most predominant drinks were prosecco and the wine. There were some men drinking a pint of pale ale but most people were trying wine (the men) and prosecco (the women).


Pimp your prosecco they say!

Eat and drink pimp your prosecco cook to smile

What else we did

The festival has other areas to explore like: The Chef’s Academy where people would sit next to a professional Chef, in the kitchen set up for the festival and the Chef would  show them how to do stuff properly in the kitchen: how to slice a full chicken, how to cook a steak etc. You, as the spectator, would do the work (slicing, cooking etc)

Eat and drink The Chefs academy cook to smile

Artisan Market was the area set up where a lot of food and drinks producers where selling their products. From kitchen tools to sweets, sauces, organic products, snacks, cheese etc.

We did try some interesting flavoured cheese samples and we were convinced to buy one. A lime-jalapeno flavoured cheddar cheese. Very very interesting flavour, it started with the lime and then ended with a jalapeno punch!

Eat and Drink cheese taste cook to smile

There were other flavours as well such as: pickled onion + chive, garlic + smokey peppadew, mustard + ale

Each roll was 4.5 pounds

Eat and Drink festival cheese taste flavoured cook to smile

Interesting chocolate sculpture as well – representing tools. Including a gun!

chocolate sculpture Eat and Drink cook to smile

chocolate gun sculpture cook to smile eat and drink

Very long tables with colourful sweets – attractive for the kids!

Eat and Drink festival coourful sweets cook to smile


A lot of stuff to do: learning more about cooking, eating nice meals (you would definitely find your favourite from all the options out there!), drinking a tasty prosecco or tasting wine and cheese. Even if it’s busy, you should  go and experience it! Tickets are 10 pounds each.

Ah, also make sure you have cash with you because 90% of stands are “cash only”

See you there this weekend! 😉