(healthy) Easter menu #whenin London

We celebrated this Easter in London! And i tried to keep some of the Orthodox food traditions but add a healthy twist (still  home-cooked comford – food, of course). Here we go!

My Easter 2016 menu, #wheninlondon

1. The stars: Red Eggs! 

First time i’ve made them myself, without just looking at how mom does them!

eggs cooktosmile easter in romania

It was quite a challenge to turn them from this:

eggs cooktosmile

To a perfect red colour:

red eggs easter in romania cooktosmile

How i did it: I found egg paint at a small Romanian market here in London named “Casa Transilvania” (“Transilvania House”). 0.59 pence per 1 teabag of paint. I just boiled the eggs separately, left them to boil longer (15 minutes) because i don’t like boiled eggs to be soft and juicy inside (i know, i might be a freak) and 15 minutes after i removed them to rest and chill. Once chilled i added boiled water in a bowl, added the egg paint and 1 spoon of vinegar and left the eggs in there for another 5 minutes. When i removed them, the color was…a perfect red!

Calories: 80 kcal/egg! 😉

2. Second place: Lamb steak, oven cooked.

lamb steak with sauce cook to smile


Juicy – yes; Tender – yes; Taste is there – yes; Sauce – delicious, yes.

How i did it: (1) cut the lamb in slices; (2) season with salt, pepper; (3) make 3 ligth knife cuts on each slice; (4) put into the oven with: slices of fresh red pepper, olive oil, tomato sauce and herbs (5) leave to cook for between 20-30 minutes at 180 Celsius degress, Fan! I choose lamb because in the Orthodox religion lamb is eaten for Easter, it’s a holy meat cooked, every year, in the holy day of Jesus’s raising from dead!

lamb with mashed potatoes easter cook to smile

And to beautifuly compliment the meat and sauce, i’ve made, separately a potato mash! 

But that’ not all!

3. Wok-fried asparagus! 

You’ve got to love asparagus! It’s sooo tasty, healthy and delicous!

asparagus and bacon wrap cook to smile

Easy to cook – recipe on the blog here!

4. Oven cooked veggetable mix! 

Oven cooked veggies cook to smile

How i did it: Drop some olive oil in the oven tray, turn the heat on and pre-heat the oven  then just drop the veggies in the oven and leave for 20 minutes! I cooked the veggies using the fan so they get evenly cooked – especially since it’s a mix of veggie and texture! I used a mix of: brocolli, green beans, carrots slice and corn! Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper. I added a mix of herbs as well, for a fresher taste!

5. Last but not least, spinach!

Oven cooked spinach with garlic, tomato slices and soy sauce!

Here’s the overview of this Easter’s meal:

Happy Easter!

red eggs for easter cook to smile

easter meals cook to smile all