Eten and Drinken in Amsterdam | #beenthere

We went to Amsterdam for Easter and enjoyed the food a lot! Great cooking they do and great food have there in The Netherlands, with BIG portions. Guess you need to make sure your stomach is full to cope with the cold weather (colder than in the UK, yes).

Besides enjoying the beautiful city of Amsterdam (and also a quick trip to Haarlem) we have also enjoyed their food.

Here is a selection of the places where we went and ate in Amsterdam and Haarlem.

Day one – Amsterdam

Solo Eten & Drinken

Site here

Address here

Prices: middle, very similar to London prices if you eat out.

Service: lovely Dutch ladies who move fast and warmly welcomed us in the restaurant

Atmosphere: crowded, with a lot of business people and middle – aged to old customers. But beautiful inside and cosy. The tulips they have on each table gave a noticeable feeling that you are in The Netherlands.

The menu: options for everyone! The meat lover, the fish lover, the vegetarian. They didn’t have any vegan food on the menu though.

Here is a quick snap of their menu, prices in Eur.

Solo menu

What we ordered:

We ordered a Tuna steak with teriyaki sauce and a side dish of broccoli, garlic and olive oil dressing. The Tuna grilled steak looked so meaty that you really could have said it’s pork. The taste was fantastic, so different (in a very good way) from any canned tuna, by far! The tuna steak was perfectly cooked, and the portion was big. Think I had in there 200 grams (might have been 250 not sure, but definitely at least 200 grams). The grilled tuna steak on a bed of green beans was 22Eur. Worth it!

Solo Eten and Drinken Cook to smile

Solo Eten and Drinken Cook to smile Amsterdam

Day two – Amsterdam

Zest for Life – Raw-Vegan Food Cafe

Site here

Address here

Prices: Let’s say It’s a fair trade. Considering the portion you receive.

Service: lovely Dutch girls who probably owned the business. Food came fast enough; we did have to wait a bit for the drinks (fresh juices) as it was a busy time!

Atmosphere: Very warm and “green” atmosphere inside. It felt healthy, pleasant, full of energy and a good vibe overall. Being there gave you a healthy and Zen feeling. I would definitely go again.

The menu:  Vegan and meat-free. Just to be clear! 😉 Prices not too cheap for the portion size though – but that’s the risk with vegan restaurants and vegan menus.

Below it’s a quick snap of their menu, prices in Eur. The food was really good (I love vegan!) and the juice were so consistent that it made you feel quite full.

Raw food smoothies menu

Raw food smoothies

Raw food juices menu

Raw food juices

Raw food lunch menuRaw food lunch

Raw food lunch 2

What we ordered:

I ordered Sushi. The portion was quite sufficient for me. And the dip sauce (soy sauce with…something else as it tasted different) was really complementing the sushi rolls. The price was £10.99.

Zest for Life cook to smile Amsterdam Sushi

The rolls did not have any rice, they were made with parsnip instead, nut mix pasta, avocado and pepper. Really yummy I have to say. But, again, I love vegan and have eaten vegan food before so if you are not familiar with this sort of lifestyle then you might not like it. Unless you are open to trying new, out of ordinary stuff, like my dear husband is who ordered a pizza.

Zest for Life Cook to smile Amsterdam

The pizza was quite small to be fair; we would have expected to get a bigger portion for the price of £12, 99.

Day three – Amsterdam

Food Hallen – DE Hallen Amsterdam

Site here: click for website

Address is here

Prices: depends on the stand. At Food Hallen you have a lot of options to choose from but the standard price range is 5 to 10 Euro depending on whether you want a burger, sushi or a pizza. Or maybe something healthier (there are options for vegans as well!)

Service: well, you just need to pick your favorite food stand from the loads you will see there, stay in line (if there is one) and order your food. The drinks you can buy from a separate drink stand. 15 minutes later you go back to the food stand you ordered your food from and pick it up. Not bad at all.

Atmosphere: Food Hallen is like an ongoing Food festival, with music, street food from around the world, good drinks and an energy vibe. For everyone to enjoy.

It’s crowded, especially in the weekends when local people also join along but overall you can manage the crowd. It might be tricky to find a table to sit and eat at so I suggest if you are with your friends or partner that one of you goes and finds a table and someone else goes and orders the food (once you have decided what you want).

The menu:  again, depends on the stand. Each one has it’s own menu But I can tell you that you’ll find a lot of options: from ramen and sushi to steak house or Mexican food. Or if you’re not that hungry you can try healthy fruit yoghurt at the special yoghourt stand they’ve got there.  It’s about 4 Euro per small cup and 7 Euro per big cup.

What we ordered:

I ordered a vegan burrito filling in a bowl. So not a “wrapped” burrito but only all the ingredients from inside the burrito dropped into the bowl.  And a fresh juice. Price 12 Euro. (7 for the inside of burrito bowl and 5 for the juice).

vegan naked buritto amsterdam

vegan naked buritto food hallen amsterdam

The inside of the burrito had black beans with tomato sauce, hummus, salsa and beetroot. And was really tasty and consistent I must say.

My husband ordered a plate of…meat consisting in: 3 slices of pork belly, 3 monk meatballs (wrapped in bacon) and 3 slices of pulled pork. For that platter: 10 Euro.

The pork belly was really tender, the meatballs were wrapped in bacon and that says everything. The pulled pork was average but the barbeque sauce on top took that meat to another taste level.

plate of meat food hallen amsterdam

meat plate food hallen amsterdam

Day four – Haarlem

Grand Brinkmann Café

Site here

Address here

Prices: normal, I would actually say cheaper than in Amsterdam

Service: again, nice and smiley Dutch ladies, very fast service, food ready in 15 minutes.

Atmosphere: busy, cosy, friendly. It reminded me of a smaller version of the bar in Bucharest, famous one called Hanul Berarilor.

The menu: diversity but not as such for vegetarians. You would still feel hungry if you only eat a salad. You have fish options though. Also the prices were not cheap but more comparable with the prices in Amsterdam.

Here is a snipped of the menu:


What we ordered:

I ordered a smoked mackerel and cray fish salad. Tasty, a big portion, already seasoned with a hummus sort of paste texture dressing. I only squeezed the lemon and all ready to be eaten! Great taste and that smoked mackerel was so damn good. A different fish salad than the tuna ones i had so many times in my life. The price was 14 Euros.

smoked mackrel and crayfish salad haarlem holland

And a closer look  – check out that smoked mackerel! Sexy, isn’t it?

fish salad haarlem holland

My husband ordered some beef. But not a simple dish. A medium rare beef stair loin in a gravy sauce with a salad as a side. He described the beef being so so tender. Probably one of the best he had ever eaten so far. Price was 18 Euros.

medium rare beef steak with gravy sauce

And a closer look at that medium rare beef:

medium rare beef in gravy sauce

Later on in Haarlem…

We were walking on the street and find a very nice and cosy place with great coffee! So we ordered 2 cappuccinos.

One with soy milk and cinnamon:

cappuccino with soy milk

One classic:

classic cappuccino in haarlem

The foam was so delicious!

The cheese

We had to try some cheese. Amsterdam is very well know for their cheese – especially for the Edam and Gouda cheese. I tried some – not those two ones – but one with truffle and one a bit salty.

Truffle cheese in Amsterdam: the taste is so nice, elegant, perfume-ish. The texture is no different from the regular cheese but the flavour of the truffle takes it to a whole other level.

truffle cheese in amsterdam

Some more cheese – colorful too: guess what? The green one is with pistachios 😉

coloured parmesan cheese in amsterdam

And another one

cheese in amsterdam


Eten and drinken in Amsterdam is a joy. It’s living. It’s full of energy and people there really know how to enjoy their food and life overall. It’s a healthy environment to live into no matter if you are a healthy eater or a healthy lifestyle addicted or not. Their food is so diverse and all ingredients come in good quality and in lot of choices for everyone.

Amsterdam, I am coming back!