Cosy dinner at Bob’s Cafe, London

We had dinner at one of “Bob’s Cafe” in London and we loved it. Everyone was welcoming, even the other diners were smiling back at you and the place just had a cosy vibe.

Friendly atmosphere, good and fast service and delicious food.




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We got there at 6:30 pm — maybe 6:45 pm and we had a nice cosy table for 2. Wooden chairs, wooden tables.

The menu is American with French influences and it’s season influenced which means they have a standard menu for Spring, a different one for Summer, another for Autumn and a customised one for Winter of course.

The menu we served was the Winter menu and I must say there are a lot of options for everyone, prices are good and the menu is easy to read.

Aperitifs and mains bob's cafe brunch media london


I ordered some hummus and crudites.

bobs cafe starter hummus cook to smile london

Best hummus I ever had, honestly. It was light but tasty, there were some drops of pesto as well — hint: pesto goes so well with hummus! — And you simply couldn’t stop eating it with the fresh carrots, peppers and cucumbers.

I’d give it a 10/10.

My husband went with Bob’s fixed prix for 1 starter (of his choice) + main (of his choice) + dessert (of his choice).

bobs cafe prix fixe cook to smile

His first choice was a fresh bacon salad with avocado and spinach. Half healthy salad, I’ll give him that.

bobs cafe bacon salad with avocado and breadcrumbs

The bacon was crunchy and tasty and the parmesan drizzled on top of the salad was just the flavour it needed to bring it up to next level: deliciousness.

He’d give the dish 8/10.


I ordered the Chef’s market salad bowl. Ingredients: roasted tomatoes, artichokes, cucumbers, avocado, quinoa, green leaves salad, carrot and beetroot.

Bobs cafe ealing chef market salad bowl cook to smile

A really healthy dish which amazed me with how full I felt after eating it all. The artichokes were moist and tasty, not oily at all, the avocado and quinoa complemented each other so well — one good fat and the other great protein. There is only one element which I disliked: the tomatoes, in the menu said it’s roasted tomatoes but they tasted more of a sun-dried oily tomatoes.

I’d give the dish a strong 8/10.

My husband went for The Parisienne burger as part of his “Bob’s fixed prix” pack which had beef patty, béarnaise sauce, shallots and fries.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 18.04.16

bobs cafe burger parisienne cook to smile

The beef was very well cooked but the overall “combination” (beef + the sauce + the shallots) wasn’t the best he ever had.

He’d give this a 6/10.


Part of the Bob’s fix prix was the dessert as well. He chose the sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and fresh cream. I also tasted it – the toffee was moist and melting in your mouth, the milk was a great complementary ingredient next to it.

sticky toffee pudding with milk bobs cafe cook to smile london

He’d give it a 7/10, I’d give it a 8/10 mostly because it wasn’t that sweet as other places make it and the milk was a nice touch.


The place is great, the food is good especially for a local franchise and the it makes you feel like home!