American brunch at Limeyard, London

We went out for brunch nearby our house and wanted to try a different type of place and food so we chose Limeyard, a restaurant with a very American vibe and Latin influence – the food is a mix of California and Spanish cuisine (they had tapas, yes!).

We went for the Weekend Brunch menu that sounded like this…

Limeyard menu ealing london

Limeyard menu ealing london cook to smile

Inside the restaurant

It is cosy, friendly, making you feel like home! Lots of families and couples around us and the service was very good.

There was a Christmasy feeling in the air also and everyone was enjoying the food, the drinks, laughing and giggling. Worth mentioning that it’s a kids-friendly place as well.

The music was also in the Christmas spirit but you could “hear” the “American” style in the lyrics and the beat.

limeyard inside ealing brunch cook to smile

The food

The food is so so so tasty and the portions are so big!

My husband ordered a big platter of … meat called Limeyard BBQ meat board or better yet, a platter with Coca Cola glazed ribs and a garnish of chicken wings.

The ribs were tender and the wings moist and juicy. He also has some crunchy buttermilk onion rings. I guess this is the West Coast way, the Cali way!


limeyard bbq plater


limeyard bbq plater after

Rate: 7/10

I ordered a salad. But not an ordinary salad at all! It was the Limeyard Super salad — a salad with quinoa, halloumi, baby kale, grilled courgette, grilled pepper, marinated red beetroot, toasted seeds and avocado hummus (yep, I agree, it sounds intriguing).


limeyard super salad wiht grains, quinoa, halloumi cheese cook to smile

limeyard super salad grains in london cook to smile


limeyard super salad after

Rate: 8.50/10

The dessert

The desert deserves a separate paragraph in this article. We ordered some mixed fruit waffles with bananas, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and some maple syrup on the side. 

Very sweet, but tasty, the actual waffle was really fluffy!

Photo: Limeyard Facebook page

Photo: Limeyard Facebook page

Rate: 7.50/10


Surprised by the salad, a lot of it and really good and well seasoned, blown by the look of the BBQ platter (taste could have been take to the next level but still) and happy with the look and feel of the restaurant, and the friendly service.

Prices are within the average/normal rage which you find at any restaurant in London.