The project

COOK TO SMILE is a cooking project, presenting simple, comfort food around the world.  A project where a  food lover or a cooking lover, can find:

  • what I cook and how I cook
  • interesting cooking styles, for meat lovers and vegetarians
  • interesting cooking writing: presents the recipes detailed from the first step ’til the last, using images for each step – this translates into a visual & easy to read style.
  • good to know” information: articles about ingredients, restaurants reviews, culinary experiences around the world, history of a type of recipe etc

Cook to smile purpose

The purpose is to become a part of the “cooking industry” by presenting a different cooking online project, through promoting comfort and simple food around the world; through the style the recipes are written and through the other information one can find on this project’s website. I want to share with others the hobby that makes me smile. 🙂

A second purpose is to determine other people, especially women, to cook themselves, at home, because cooking can really be relaxing, if you know how to enjoy it.

The team

“Cook to smile” team is a couple: Maria and George. And a 3rd friend, Aurel.

George is the User Interface Designer who created the website, while Aurel is the Senior Web Developer who made George’s creativity possible.

More about George, here.
More about Aurel, here.

Short presentation about the cook

I am an amateur chef, in progress of becoming a proffesional one. I have graduated the Horeca School professional cooking classes and I practiced cooking at Radisson Blu. I’m the author of the recipes and all articles on this website.

Some love to ride the bike, some love to listen to music all the time, some love to go shopping,  some love to watch movies and so on. I love to cook.

First of all, readers need to keep in mind the fact that I’m a 27 year old amateur cook and the recipes that I write are 100% recommendations or “kitchen secrets” that I want to share.

More, I want to exemplify that simple and comfort food from each country can be elevated and tasty If one has the curiosity to try at least one of my recipe, than I’m more than happy. If not, I invite you to read my website: the recipes and the “Good to know” section.

I graduated SNSPA, Communication and Public Relation University and got the Master Degree in Management and Business Communication. For 7.5 years I’ve been working full-time in Marketing & Communication industry.
In present I am part of the Digital team at Ogilvy Healthworld advertising agency in London.

However, I enjoy cooking. Simple cooking. Comfort cooking. Good cooking.
And I’m ready to take some risks. Starting from this website and the cooking practice at Radisson Blu.

More about me you can find on LinkedIn and Facebook  accounts.