5 healthy habits in 2017

I am a fan of healthy food. And a fan of exercising. I have been doing my best at applying both for more than 5 years.
I have read a lot of articles about healthy habits and healthy eating in 2017. It seems to me that more people than ever before want to start 2017 properly: healthy!

Therefore, i have for you 5 ideas on how to stay and eat healthy throughout entire year not just in January! 😉

Let’s begin:

1. Acknowledge how you feel right now!

Do you feel tired during the day? Do you get sleepy in the afternoon? You can’t get out of the bed unless you snooze the alarm 5 times? Or, on the contrary, you are fresh as a cucumber all day long!? Either way, be aware of how you feel, give it a thought and take action so that you feel even better! Start (or keep if you’re already on the wave) having a balanced diet and daily exercise!

2. Eat breakfast!

A balanced diet includes daily breakfast. It can be more consistent if you do feel hungry in the morning, for example: 2 boiled eggs + 1 slice of whole green bread + 100g of cheese + 1 freshly squeezed orange juice or it can be cleaner consiting in fruits, yogurt, milk.
Eating breakfast will give you the boost you need throughtout the day and it prevents you from eating too much or unhealthy at lunch or dinner.

3. Snacks anyone? Sure, healthy ones!

We all love snacks. But why not eat healthy snacks especially today when there is a big variety. Here are few:

a. all kinds of nuts and seeds: almonds, cashew, seeds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds

b. fresh fruits or fresh fruit salads:

c. dried fruits: grapes, plums, apricots, there are all kinds of dried fruits!

d. hummus dip with raw veggies: take a hummus pack and some carrots and celery sticks and dip them into the hummus. Yummy, healthy and consistent!
You can make your own hummus from home and take it with you at work for a healthy snack backup! Here’s my hummus recipe.

e. Shakes or smoothies: a really tasty and healthy way to keep your energy level up! Shakes are fiber and vitams boosts while smoothies are fiber, vitamin and carbs boosts! Strawberry and banana or orange only? You choose!
You can make your own smoothie at home – here’s my recipe for smoothie.

4. Exercise is always good, for everyone

I would guess you are already aware of that! Regular exercise keeps your mind and body healthy and also that pumped feeling you need daily, to deal with day to day tasks, worries, taxes, world problems!
If it’s difficult for you to go the gym 3 days a week then do your exercises at home. You only need an exercise mat and the Youtube channel open and you are good to go! Here are 3 of my favourite channels:
Gymra – for cardio, tabata, pilates.
Fitness Blender – for fitness in general, both men and women.
Boho beautiful – for yoga mostly.

And note: there are several types of exercises you can do on your own, at home like: Cardio (For body weight mostly), Yoga (for body, mind, stretch, balance, focus), Pilates (for muscles and mind, i like to say it gives you that “exercise awareness”), Tabata (it’s more alert and with repetitive exercises, good for fat loss and body weight overall) and a lot more! Do your research properly before doing any and understand which suits you best depending on your mind and body!

5. Healthier diet habits!

Eating breakfast and a healthy snack is not enough. If you really want to enjoy a healthier 2017 you must apply some changes to your meals overall, including dinners out!
To keep it short:

a. carbs: try eating the bad ones less (like white bread, pastries, puffs, croissants) and more good ones (like whole grain bread, rice);
b. eat more fruits and vegetables within a week – there’s nothing wrong if you don’t eat meat one day!
c. try incorporating the rainbow colours vegetables – full list below:
– Red: tomatoes, red peppers, red watermelon, grapefruit, beetroot, red apples, strawberries. These are anti-inflammatory and good for the heart!
– Yellow: banana, corn, squash, ginger, golden apples, yellow watermelon. These are good for hormonal, skin, prevent vascular diseases and cancer.
– Orange: carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, winter butternut squash, nectarines, papaya. These are anti-cancer, support immunity and are good for the reproductive and skin health.
– Green: broccoli, kale, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, avocado, celery, spinach, green tea, granny smith apples. These are good anti-inflammatory, anticancer, provide hormonal, heart, liver and brain support.
broccoli in wok with soy sauce cook to smile
– White, brown, beige: garlic, onions, pears, cauliflower, mushroosm, white wine, hummus, coconut, tahini, almonds, nuts, pistachios, cashew, olives, rice. Main properties are: anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, good sources of carbs (energy boosters), good fats, improve liver and gastrointestinal health.
– Violet, blue: bluerries, grapes, figs, red wine, aubergine, purple potatoes, olives, plums. Main benefits: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, heart improvement, skin care, improve liver health.

Here are my 2 colourful examples of healthy food:

#meatless: greek cheese + oven-baked wedges + sauteed broccoli and mushrooms + grilled butternut squash + grilled onion + cherry tomatoes!
rainbow-food#withmeat: prosciutto and cheese plate + aubergine salad + couscous and veggie mix + fruit salad + tomato and cabbage salad.